Clinical Reporting

Systems such as Outcomes MTM and Mirixa are platforms for collecting and measuring the impact of clinical data and interventions. They allow disease specific medication management, track adherence, or if additional medication is needed for patient.

RxAssistPlus is a clinic-friendly system adaptable for collecting and reporting many types of clinical data. Patient enrollment criteria can be collected and is useful for demographic reporting, including language, referral source, income compared to FPL, and more.

These systems can track the clinical impact of services on patients served. Outcomes can be measured in severity, type, and number of interventions performed. As well as the total estimated cost avoidance to other healthcare systems (hospitalizations, ED visits, etc.) and total service worth if the services were billable to insurance.

See the chapter on Measurements,Evaluation and Outcomes and Appendices\Metrics for more reports and how they can be used. Implementation of performance metrics to assess pharmacists’ activities in ambulatory care clinics presents measurable pharmacist functions that impact patient outcomes and mechanisms used to document these services.