In 2018, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimated that approximately 30.1 million people living in the United States under the age of 65 did not have health insurance. This does not include people over the age of 65. Some are ineligible, some cannot afford, some are in cities, some are in rural communities, some are our neighbors and friends. 

This playbook is designed to help guide communities, health systems, clinics, and pharmacists in their mission to provide medication access and pharmacy services to a vulnerable population: the uninsured and underinsured. The playbook is compiled by members of, an organization dedicated to connecting and supporting charitable pharmacies throughout the country, with a vision to create a network of charitable pharmacies that reaches every underserved patient in the United States. 


Christine Toni, BS Pharm.- former Pharmacist Coordinator, Hope Dispensary of Greater Bridgeport, Bridgeport, Connecticut 

David Neu, Pharm. D., MSHSA – Vice President Pharmacy, Saint Thomas Health, Nashville, Tennessee 

Christopher Palombo, MA, MSHM – CEO Dispensary of Hope, Nashville, Tennessee 

Shearie Archer – Executive Director, Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy, Mobile, Alabama 

Natasha Gallizzi. Pharm. D.– former Program Manager, Wyoming Medication Donation Program, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Jon Michael Rosmann – CEO, SafeNetRx, Des Moines, Iowa 

Phil Baker, Pharm. D.– Custodian, Good Shepherd Health, Memphis, Tennessee 

Hillary Blackburn, Pharm. D.– Director of Pharmaceutical Services, Dispensary of Hope, Nashville, Tennessee 

Carol Risaliti, MA – Executive Director, Beacon Charitable Pharmacy, Canton, Ohio 

Donney John, Pharm. D.– Executive Director of NOVA Scripts Central, Falls Church, Virginia 

Yolanda Tolson, BS Pharm.- Manager, St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy, Madison, Wisconsin 

Amy Kurzatkowski, BS Pharm.- Manager Outpatient Pharmacy Service, St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Bridgeport, Connecticut 

George Wang, PhD. – Co-Founder and Director, SIRUM, Palo Alto, California 

Dorothy Daigle Pak, J.D., Partner Bradley, Birmingham, Alabama 

The Pharmacy School Students at Lipscomb University, Belmont University, University of Tennessee at Nashville and Virginia Commonwealth University, and students at Fairfield University. 

The Dispensary of Hope associates, and many, many community leaders, pharmacists, and charity medication program leaders.

This playbook is dedicated to the almost 30 million people residing in the United States who do not have insurance and those who serve them 

May those who sow in tears reap with shouts of joy. Those who go out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy, carrying armloads of blessings. 

Psalm 126: 5-6