Dispensary of Hope Results

The Dispensary of Hope has a set of metrics that it asks partners to share which includes number of 30-day fills, number of unique patients, and total number of patient encounters. Health system outcomes may be measured as a percentage decrease in 30-day hospital readmissions which can be very difficult to measure from an outpatient pharmacy standpoint. These outcomes can be measured readily at neighboring hospitals that share patients with charitable pharmacies. To show continued measures of success, some useful metrics that can evaluate program utility include: emergency department utilization for preventable visits related to lack of primary care and potentially preventable disease complications, inpatient visits, length of stay, and cost savings associated with the reduction of these visits.

Evaluation of the cost-effectiveness or return on investment(ROI) of the Dispensary of Hope program at your pharmacy can be calculated by measuring the number of doses dispensed through the program and the cost savings of a subscription to the service. A 2015 study conducted by the Advisory Board Company on a study hospital in Nashville, TN showed an average cost savings of $645K for a large hospital or an ROI of $3:1. (See: ROCIand Dispensary of Hope Advisory Board White Paper.)