Donations from Prescribers and Practices

Branded samples including insulin and inhalers may be available from providers and practices that are willing to donate directly to your charitable pharmacy. NovoMedLinkhas an online service to order sample insulin. Hospitalists at local hospitals may be willing to donate sample insulin to provide for their uninsured patients at discharge. Clinics may be willing to donate excess sample medication or may have eliminated medication cabinets and be willing to acquire donations for a charitable pharmacy. Internists and other providers who prescribe insulin in their practice may be willing to order and donate samples. Pulmonologists may have access to excess inhalers; cardiologists to antithrombolitics and heart failure meds. See Insulin and Inhalers for a presentation regarding possible sources. Track and Trace compliance is mandatory. 

Sample Medications 

TIP: Find Physician Practice Championswilling to donate samples monthly. Celebrate them at an annual Medical Association meeting and in newsletters. 

Samples come with their own set of regulations. To stay compliant, check with individual state. In general:

  • Samples require DSCSA Track and Tracecompliance when donated from a healthcare practice or facility. 
  • Samples are dispensed in the original container.Do not open containers to dispense a partial quantity in an original container or combine samples into a separate vial.
  • Quantities dispensed are in multiples of sample original container, not usually 30, 60, 90.
  • Samples beyond the use date are not returned to manufacturer or vendor for credit or destruction. Record of destruction (See Track and Trace) still needs to be maintained per policy and/or state regulations. 
  • Oncology and hazardous waste samples and meds have specific destruction regulations.Follow the direction of disposal vendor.