Allow for extra time for new patient enrollment (30-60 minutes) and re-enrollment (10-15 minutes). Patient enrollment processes may vary based on suppliers of medication (vendor requirements, prescriptions being filled in-house or via PAPs) and software systems being used. 

TIP:Collaborate with referral sources to complete eligibility form or include a demographic sheet including income and insurance coverage. This decreases duplication for patients and allows the pharmacy staff to concentrate more on medication and medication related services.

  • Develop method of enrollment:
    • Form(s), paper chart
    • Electronic: pharmacy system or another system. Software for enrollment and/or PAPs may be separate than that used for prescriptions.
    • Alert for missing documentation
    • System should be capable of providing metrics for patient demographics including but not limited to age, sex, language and/or ethnicity, income, insurance status, referral source, location, and contact information. (See Chapter on Measurements/ Evaluation/Outcomefor more information.)
  • HIPAA/Privacy form(s) for (original) patient signatures
    • Possible exceptions for original signature
      • Discharge from facility, minor, patient unable to be present (age, illness, etc.), other
    • Give copy to caregiver to return(?)
  • When using state drug donation medication, a liability protectionfor both donors and recipients form is signed by patient (bottom of page).
  • All forms and patient materials may need to be translated into multiple languages depending on the population being served. Interpretiveservices are discussed below. . An interpreter may be needed to ensure patient understands what documentation is needed for enrollment
  • Some patients may not readand may require oral completion of forms.
  • Determine re-enrollment period and criteria
    • Semi-annual or annual
    • All new proofs of eligibility or limited (income, residency, insurance, etc.)
    • Alerts for re-enrollment

Example: Patient enrollment forms can be found in Appendix/Eligibility.

Example: Algorithm when information is lacking

Adapted from Saint Thomas Health