Follow any state board of pharmacy guidelines for specifics on required equipment. 

OfficePharmacy SpecificFixtures/Utilities
DeskShelving and fixtures: meds, printer, etc.Bathroom/sink
Chairs/stools for desk, tasks, waiting areaRefrigerator/freezerDispensing sink
Filing cabinetsVials/ bottles / capsSecurity system, if required
Counselling area furnitureLabels, including auxiliary
Student/ volunteer area furnitureShelving for bulk items
Envelopes, staples, office suppliesCounting apparatus (trays or devices)
Packaging supplies if using mail orderMeasuring devices: solids, liquids
ShredderBags or packaging for dispensing
Trash receptaclesHanging bags or will call supplies
Floor mats
Safe, if using money or carrying controlled substances
Thermometer: refrigerator & room
Medical waste container
Cash register if doing any retail/or subsidies with co-pays
De-blister machine to punch pills from bubble wrap for destruction