Example of an Initial Budget

Good Shepherd operates a mixed–model, stand-alone community charity pharmacy in Memphis, Tennessee. His startup plan is offered in the Introduction chapter of Steps for Starting a Stand-Alone, Mixed-Model Community Charity Pharmacy. A sample budget is available, which includes revenues, donations, operating expenses, and debts. Income is divided between revenue from the business and donation from various funders. Expenditures are divided between operational expenses and debt from loans.

Wyoming Medication Donation Program (WMDP) started as a pilot mail order, charity pharmacy serving one county (population ~100,000). Initial facilities were provided by the Wyoming Department of Health, as well as the pharmacist (salary and benefits). Grant funding provided the remainder of the total budget ~$240,000. The program has transitioned to all Wyoming Department of Health funding and continues with about $250,000 budget. Mailing costs, including packaging and postage, are approximately $24,000 annually. WMDP currently serves the entire state of Wyoming and in 2018 will be located in a new facility. See Wyoming Medication Donation Program