Factors to consider when offering a PAP service

As a charity pharmacy, improving medication access is of prime importance. Access to PAPs can be managed by the patient or by the pharmacy and patient cooperatively. When managed by the pharmacy with patient cooperation, additional staff will be necessary for enrollment and follow-up. The staff does not necessarily need to be pharmacy trained as a technician, though cross training is helpful and clear role delineation must be maintained if PAP staff is not pharmacy trained. Non-technician position possibilities include an enrollment specialist, social worker, or pharmacy navigator.

FactorRecord Keeping – PatientRecord Keeping – Pharmacy
StaffDoes not require pharmacy technician status for positionDoes not require pharmacy technician status for position
Staff time Limited staff time to determine if PAP is available Enrollment software available for patient use Patient takes responsibility for enrollment, refills, eligibility changes, tracking issuesRequires significant staff time for processes Determine eligibility Follow-up with patients: signatures, pick-up, refills Follow-up with providers: signatures, refills, directions Properly labeling and education
Clinical ConsiderationsPharmacy unaware of adherence, continuing or discontinuing med, dosage adjustments No tracking for metricsAssures: Adherence Patient continued eligibility Trackable software available for refills, metrics Ensures product gets to patient product is properly labeled