Funding Sustainability

Though the approaches are different, many of the principles used in seed funding are useful for ongoing sustainability (See: Initial Funding for a Community Charitable Pharmacy). Building relationships, Speaking the Language as you Market your Fund Development Need, and communication systems (See: Stakeholders and Funders) apply to all types of sustainability. Encourage your philanthropic team to see themselves as partners working for the same goalof serving the uninsured and improving health outcomes as opposed to just donors of funds.

Developing a sustainability plan provides the board and the organization a framework to maintain the longevity of the pharmacy. The plan includes existing and anticipated funding opportunities, engagement with the community, and networking opportunities. Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy offers a sample of their Sustainability Plan.

In conjunction with a sustainability plan is a fundraising or fund development plan (See The Fund Development Plan and the Fund Development Planning Process). Defined are resources and potential resources, marketing for fundraisers, distribution of tasks, and a timeline for each task. Short and long-term goals are set. Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy shares a fundraising plan.

In a Dispensary of Hope webinar on funding, Angie McLaughlin of Community Healthcare Clinic answers “We could never afford it!” with “We can’t afford Not to!” She offers suggestions of bundling grants and including vendor memberships with chronic disease management grants. Justin Coby, Health Partners Free Clinic, suggests using “best practices who don’t know best” to build collaborations, local to national.