340bUS federal government drug discount program that requires drug manufacturers to provide outpatient drugs to eligible health care organizations and covered entities at significantly reduced prices.
501(c)3Type of non-profit status.
Beyond UseDate after which product should not be dispensed or used. This could be due to improper storage (as with insulin at room temperature) or beyond package expiration date.
Charity-OnlyPharmacies dispensing solely to patients under the charity program.
FootprintArea served or area of impact.
Geo-mappingComparing data to a geographical area (zip code, city, county, state, etc.).
HazmatHazardous products which require segregated storage and destruction.
MetricsStandards of measurement by which efficiency, performance, progress, or quality of a plan, process, or product can be assessed and evaluated and outcomes determined.
Mixed-ModelPharmacies dispensing to both insured and un-insured patients and engaging in other for-profit activities in addition to the charity program
Open DoorPharmacy serving eligible patients from the entire community or state, not limited to a specific clinic or referral site.
Pharmacy DesertA low-income census tract or zip code where a substantial number of residents have low access to a community pharmacy. Definition varies by urban or rural population.
ReclamationDispensing of donated, previously dispensed medications; regulations vary by state as to donation sources, usually medical facilities but may include personal donations.
RepositoryWith regards to medication, places where excess or unused medications are being stored that may be available for donation. Example: skilled nursing facilities, prisons, etc.
Stand AlonePharmacy is independently funded, not fully funded by a hospital or health system.
Transitions of CareThe movement of patients between health care locations, providers, or different levels of care within the same location as their conditions or care needs change.
VendorMedication supplier. It can be for profit (commercial distributor), non-profit (e.g. DOH, Americares, SIRUM, Direct Relief), or manufacturer (bulk assistance programs, PAPs).