Hospital Based Mixed-Model Charity Pharmacy

Davidson County, TN

Population 684,410 (2016)

14% persons without health insurance, under 65 years

  • Best suited to capture discharge patients and most convenient to eliminate an extra stop post discharge
  • Partner with Care Management to identify patients with medication access issues prior to discharge
  • Provide 30 day fills for discharge patients to prevent readmission
  • Best aligned with 340B covered entities to fit into the narrative of 340B savings reinvestment
  • Marketed to all potential patients: employees, discharge insured and uninsured patients, Meds to Bed program, ED patients, patients of hospital specialty clinics such as transplant, full retail capability to service patients visiting practices in the Medical Office Buildings, Same day surgery sites, and visitors staying with patients in the hospital.
  • Is there space on campus with convenient access?

Plaza Pharmacy- Saint Thomas West Hospital campus

  • Plaza Pharmacy is a full-service retail pharmacy opened to the public
  • Metropolitan hospital campus
  • In house pharmacy for hospital associates
  • Charity pharmacy 
  • Transplant specialty meds
  • Located in the Plaza Medical office building adjacent to food court connected to the hospital
  • 3 pharmacists, 6 technicians
  • Retail Pharmacy 30+ years, Charity program 10 years
  • During Fiscal Year 17, Plaza served over 6,000 charity patients by dispensing approximately 24, 000 prescriptions

Saint Vincent Pharmacy – Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital campus

  • Located on first floor by registration and Emergency Department
  • Serves Charity patients only since October 2014
  • does not dispense to associates due to a non-STH owned pharmacy already contracted to provide this service prior to the introduction of the charity pharmacy to this campus
  • Metropolitan hospital campus in close proximity to downtown Nashville and homeless population
  • Referrals from hospital discharges, homeless shelter, other safety net providers in area
  • 1 pharmacist, 2 technicians
  • Saint Vincent served 6,149 charity patients during hospital’s last fiscal year which represented 25,327 prescriptions.