Hours of Operation

Startup hours of operation factor in funding, services offered, and size of population to be served. Many stand-alone or community collaborative charitable pharmacies begin with three days per week (21 to 24 hours/week). If the charitable pharmacy is to be affiliated with a clinic or hospital with an established population, five days a week may be feasible. 

Limited hours of operation provide time for marketing to community and health care referral sources, funders, and patients. Even with community support, presentations to clinics (social workers as well as providers), and health fairs, church groups, libraries, etc. are needed to introduce your pharmacy and its services to the community and establish your reputation (See: Where to start).

Hours of operation may need to be adjusted to better meet the community need. Examples: Open early or close later one day a week to accommodate patients who are working; closed on Wednesday as clinics do not have specialties open on Wednesdays; open on Friday afternoon to accommodate discharge patients. Check with local health care facilities to determine when their disease state clinics are run to best offer your services to their patients.