Illiteracy, especially in English, may be a factor in adherence contributing to readmissions. Offering labels, (See Pharmacy Translations) counseling and education in patient’s first language is a best practice in service, appreciated by patients and healthcare referral sources. Picture handouts for use of devices and pictograms for medication directions may provide clarity. They can be posted at home as a reminder for compliance and/or shared with caregivers. They can be photographed to keep on a patient’s phone. (Example handouts are in Appendices\Transitional Care\Pictograms)

Example: pictogram for H. pylori Treatment (HOPE Dispensary of Greater Bridgeport)


Levofloxacin 500 mg1Por 12 diasFor 12 days
Amoxicillin 500 mg22Por 12 diasFor 12 days
Pantoprazole 40 mg11Por 15 diasFor 15 days

11Por 12 diasFor 12 days