The location of the pharmacy needs to be easily accessible and as close to the population you are trying to serve as possible. Are there other pharmacies or even charitable pharmacies already in the area? Was the location picked because of the absence of a charitable pharmacy presence or is there a certain patient specific population that is being underserved? Are there enough patients in need of your services in the area? See Local Factors for Community Charitable Pharmacy Implementation. Location is pivotal and must be chosen wisely. Only decide on a location when there is enough data to support that the new facility will be able to operate successfully.

Patient transportation to your facility is key to accessibility. Factors to consider include:

  • Convenient:
    • Proximity to local clinics or other healthcare services
    • Near local bus or public transportation stop
  • Adequate parking

Tip: Be creative when you think of space. Charity pharmacies are located in churches and thrift shops as well as departments of health and clinic. Where do the people you plan to serve go?

Include public transportation information (bus route, subway stop, etc.) on maps and marketing materials.