Low cost Insulin Wholesale Distributors

Sterling Distributorshas been providing diabetic supplies to pharmacies, nursing homes, home care agencies and other medical supply companies for ten years.  Charitable Pharmacies are able to purchase Novolin 70/30 vial 10ml ( an OTC insulin) as well as diabetic supplies.

For more information on insulin, refer to the Dispensary of Hope’s Insulin & Inhaler Savings.

Diabetic Supplies

Various suppliers offer lower cost diabetic supplies for patient purchase. ReliOn, through Walmart, offer meters, test strips, and a wide selection of other diabetic supplies. True Matrix brand meters and strips are available at many pharmacies and on-line. Patients should check expiration dates when purchasing.

Vendors such as Independence Medical,Sterling, and Bionime, among others, offer discounted pricing and “free” offers for pharmacies purchasing products.

For information on diabetic supplies, refer to the Dispensary of Hope’s Diabetic Supplies Webinar. If affiliated with a hospital or clinic, the cost of these supplies can be utilized in Community Benefit reporting.