Policies, procedures and processes covering medication from acquisition to destruction ensure compliance with government regulations, safety for patients and handlers, and established best practices. See Appendices\Standard Operating Procedures and Appendices\Inventory Management . Formulary\Forms for examples of policies and forms.

  • Formulary management: restrictions (no controlled substances, birth control, pain medication, other therapeutic classes, devices); use of therapeutic interchange and restrictions.
  • Medication ordering and receiving procedure, especially if vary by vendor
  • Medication storage: temperature sensitive products, logs, procedure when storage temperature is violated (alternative storage arrangement, shortening of expiration/beyond use date, disposal).
  • Medication segregation: by vendor, therapeutic class (oncology, inhalers, topical, etc.).
  • Sample Medications – See Donations from Prescribers and Practices
  • Returns and recall procedures, usually vary by vendor
  • Inspection for expiration: who (volunteer, tech, pharmacist) and frequency (monthly, quarterly)
  • Medication destruction procedures – See Medication Destruction