Options for Insulin

The Dispensary of Hope team frequently hears from safety net providers across the country about the need for access to insulin. Caregivers for vulnerable populations often struggle to meet all the medication needs for their diabetic patients. Due to the high cost of insulin therapy, many patients still struggle to control their blood sugar levels and either skip doses or do without which ultimately leads to poor health outcomes.1Offering the most vulnerable patients, those who could not afford even a $25 vial, access to donated insulin can impact their health and reduce their risk of heart attack, blindness, and amputations. Providing donated insulin See Direct Donationsfor those patients most in need can save communities and health systems billions of dollars in uncompensated medical care.1,2Diabetes can be controlled if managed properly. Providing medication for those most in need can help those patients lead healthier lives and can change a diabetes diagnosis from a terminal one to a manageable disease.

The“CINCI” studywas published in 2017 by St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy of Cincinnati after they followed patients switched from basal/bolus to twice daily dosed OTC insulin. This choice to switch to twice daily insulin reduced costs for St. Vincent de Paul (who was covering the insulin cost) but yielded similar outcomes to the basal/bolus therapy. 


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