PAP Software Options

Software options vary depending on whether the program is patient or pharmacy managed. Programs such as Needy Medsand Partnership for Prescription Assistancelink manufacturer PAP sites and applications. If a PAP program exists for a specific medication, the application is printed, completed, then mailed or faxed directly to the manufacturer. Patient specific data is not stored with these sites so copies must be retained either by the patient or, if managed this way by the pharmacy. 

Additional software options exist when PAP programs managed by the pharmacy. Spreadsheets can be developed to track patients, enrollment, documents missing, refills, etc. RxAssistPlusoffers a web-based software that allows for patient enrollment, PAP application fill based on enrollment information, refill and new application report notifications, and privacy compliant data storage. Completed applications are printed for signatures (patient and provider) then faxed, scanned or mailed to manufacturer. Programs such as RxAssistPlusprovide record keeping and reports, and can be utilized for extensive metrics including but not limited to patient demographics, location, referral site, dollar value of applications processed, PAP meds dispensed, FPL, and clinical interventions. Experience with Word Access helps when creating specialized reports, but the reports are built by the software provider. Comparison of patient assistance program software, though dated, offers key points when reviewing software options including features of programs, logistic information, support and training, and program costs.