Reclamation Resources

TheNational Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) is the best resource to see what is happening across the country regarding medication reclamation, however the information is a little outdated since it largely relies on states self-reporting new updates and changes. See NCSL for updates. New York and other states may be added to the list with enacted laws.

A recent story in ProPublica, December 1, 2017, highlights the work of several states to make programs operational. See More States Hatch Plans to Recycle Drugs Being Wasted in Nursing Homes.

Consider medication destruction as part of a reclamation programor any program largely based on donations. Of all the medication donated to WMDP, about 25 per cent ends up in disposal, based on pounds of disposal versus pounds of donation collected. This can influence space, staffing and volunteering, and provide opportunities for partnering with the community. See Medication Destruction