Resources – Clinical

A 3 Collaborative
National learning experience to help healthcare providers and organizations integrate Comprehensive Medication Management into their strategic plan

Pharmacist Collaborative Practice Agreements and Ambulatory Care review and re-certification courses 

Patient care resources and continuing education modules for CMM elements

Collaborative Practice and Ambulatory Care basics and certification review

Better Care Playbook
Improving care for people with complex health and social needs

Comprehensive Medication Management in Team-Based Care
Patient care processes for delivering Comprehensive Medication Management

Clinically integrated, nationwide organization of pharmacy networks organized to advance community-based pharmacy practice

Pharmacy: Collaborative Practice Agreements to Enable Collaborative Drug Therapy Management

Collaborative Practice Agreements
Explaining the basics

Get the Medication Right
Offers webinars and training regarding Comprehensive Medication Management

Improving Patient Health Through Medication Management

Resource for those struggling with addiction and their families to find
the information, support, and resources needed to get help. Provides
ways to recognize the warning signs of addiction

The Patient Care Process for Delivering Comprehensive Medication Management

Optimizing Medication Use in Patient-Centered, Team-Based Care Settings

Therapeutic Interchanges
 Used with Hospital Formularies for collaborative &/or formulary development