Safety Net Charitable Pharmacy

Points to consider when establishing a fee system:

  • Aligned program with state Medicaid program copays (if exist)
  • Designed to a break-even or subsidy level (340B) for purchased meds
  • Adapt to patient’s needs, pharmaceutical pricing, sample/donated drug availability, and donated services budget 
  • Implement Quantity Restrictions on some items (such as Hydralazine #60, Nifedipine ER #30, Isosorbide mononitrate #60) when dictated by purchase price 
  • Whenever possible maintain predominately $1 fee (with some $3, $10, etc.) to make program more affordable (especially when aligning with stakeholder disease state initiatives (CHF, HT, etc.)
  • Budget for Safety Net Drugs 
  • Never charge for medications from a “free” vendor (DOH, SIRUM, manufacturer bulk assistance program, etc.)