Staffing Policies

Staffing policies should consider federal and state requirements. There should always be a licensed pharmacist working, typically with at least one technician. The pharmacist/technician ratio varies from state to state and may change if the technician is certified.

Certified technicians may also be allowed additional responsibilities beyond that of non-certified technicians.

Policies should be in place regarding:

  • Attire, including badge display with name and position
  • Attendance, tardiness, absences, lead time for calling out, and sick day verses personal day
  • Confidentiality/HIPAA
  • Corrective action, including progressive discipline
  • Licensure and certification, including terms for updating
  • Position descriptions, including limitations
  • Reporting suspected abuse (when patient appears to be in an harmful situation)

See Appendices\Standard Operating Procedures

More details regarding policies can be found in Standard Operating Procedures.