State Rx Reuse Snapshot

Tip: At WMDP, we have enough medication donations to fill about 2/3 of our prescriptions. The other 1/3 is filled using product ordered from a nonprofit vendor or purchased using grant funds. State Rx Reuse Snapshot

  • Iowacreated its program in 2007 and has served over 78,000 patients and redistributed $21.5 million in free medication and supplies donated to people in need.
  • Wyoming’s Medication Donation Programwas created in 2005 and has helped Wyoming residents fill over 125,000 prescriptions, adding up to over $10 million.
  • Oklahomacreated its program in 2004 and has filled 193,926 prescriptions, worth about $19,151,731 based on the average wholesale price of medication, through the end of June 2016.
  • New Yorkis the latest state to enact a return and reuse program, in November 2016.

Figure 2.

Nationwide Rx Reuse Snapshot

  • As of mid-2016, 42 states had passed laws establishing drug redistribution programs. Many of these programs are not operational or small, a few successful programs are growing.  A few measures have been repealed.
  • Twenty states currently have enacted laws with operational repository programs.
  • Nineteen additional states are categorized as having non-operational enacted laws.

In states where drug donation programs have demonstrated success, the benefits of the program are enjoyed by a variety of stakeholders, resulting in improved outcomes for patients seeking assistance, and significant cost savings to program donors and healthcare providers.