Top 10 Ways to Grow Your Charity Pharmacy Volume

#10 Educate referring providers (depending on location): 

• ED practitioners 

• Hospitalists 

• Any other practices that could benefit (ambulatory infusion, dialysis, oncology, etc.) 

#9 Marketing Materials 

• Pamphlets, posters, handouts, flyers 

#8 Educate decentralized and ambulatory care Pharmacists to educate/refer patients 

• When verifying home meds or allergies 

• When providing patient education (CHF, COPD, etc.) 

Ask the question of medication affordability 

#7 Educate case management, social workers 

• Ask patients early in their hospital stay if they can afford medications 

• Review income criteria/application/qualification process 

• Invite to spend time or tour the pharmacy 


• Free coupon until med available at charitable pharmacy, changed to one that is accessible, or acquired through PAP 

• For insured patients, coupon and copay reduction vouchers 

#6 Educate financial counselors in hospitals and clinics 

• Income criteria/application/qualification process 

• These counselors are talking to self-pay patients prior to discharge and regularly at clinics 

#5 Associated AND Non-Associated Clinics 

• Any in proximity? 

#4 Community agencies 

(Helping Hand, Community Helper, Housing Authority, Immigration services, thrift shops, food pantries, etc.) 

• Create mutual referrals 

• Community agencies may be able to pay for utility bills or rent but not help a patient with medication needs 

• A charity pharmacy can help a patient with Medication Access but can’t pay utility bills or rent 

#3 Area Hospitals 

• Network with social workers, case managers, financial counsellors 

#2 Local Churches and Places of Worship 

#1 Word of Mouth 

• Charity pharmacy patients are one of the best referral sources for new patients 

• They know firsthand the benefit of services 

• They know friends, family, neighbors, parishioners that could be helped 

TIP: Patient referrals are one of the biggest referral sources outside patient discharges.” David Neu, Pharm D, Executive Director of Pharmacy, STH