Tracking Product from Multiple Vendors

In compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), pharmacy management systems help track product to the patient level. See Tracking.

Options include:

  • Establish a separate billing code (even though not billing) for each vendor for compiling reports.
  • Set patient cost based on specific billing codes: “0” for no copay or a set price for safety net products.
  • Adapt NDC codes for products provided by more than one vendor (check with system provider on best way to do this). 
    • Change product description to differentiate vendor
    • Program system to pull product from nonprofit vendor first
    • Creating a “dummy” NDC eliminates Drug Utilization Review (DUR) function, removing safety features of system.
  • Use Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) cost rather than Average Wholesale Price (AWP) when determining value of product from a non-profit vendor. The WAC price is based on what a pharmacy would pay for a product if purchased from a pharmacy wholesaler.
  • Manually add inventory received from a nonprofit vendor to allow reporting when automatic ordering is utilized
  • Drug recall report are based on vendor billing code and specific NDC. 
  • When in a mixed-model pharmacy serving both charitable and billable patients, having “virtual” facilities helps create a less manual process and makes tracking nonprofit vendors easier.