Many vendors exist for “free” medication. Some charge an annual fee for membership which includes ordering available medications and shipping to your facility. Some vendors allow enrollment without a fee, allowing pharmacy to order from available products. Products may include medical devices (e.g. glucometers, test strips, etc.) as well as over-the-counter meds (OTC), but products and medications are not always available. (Direct Relief, Americares, Dispensary of Hope, SIRUM, etc.) Seek legal advice when entering into a contract to ensure meeting all state and local regulations.

Possible medication resources:

Some pharmacy wholesalers and distributors are listed in Vendors. Pharmacy management software may be available through a wholesaler as well. Contracting with another pharmacy may be possible if within state and local regulations and follow DSCSA. See Tracking the Medication Supply Chain.

Not all vendors offer next day delivery. Many are weekly or monthly. Plan ahead!

Each medication source may have its own procedures for storage, record keeping and handling of expired meds.  Ensure careful attention and documentation as per vendor’s policies.