What to include in a Newsletter

A newsletter can be directed to referral sources, donors and potential donors, partners in the community and beyond. When preparing a newsletter determine the audiences then “speak their language”. Languages include Heart, Financial, Healthcare Outcomes and Plumbing or improvement in processes (See: Speaking the Language as you Market your Fund Development Need). Newsletters may be printed and mailed or distributed via or email. Some resources for developing a newsletter are listed in Resources and examples are in Appendices\Marketing\Fliers and Newsletters.

Items may include:

  • New: new staff, new outreach, new partners, new milestones, new outcome measures
  • “In the News”: recognitions, publications, awards, articles
  • Ways to help: donation button, volunteer button, website button
  • Events and fundraisers
  • Thank you: sponsors, donors, partners, volunteers, students
  • Photos: get a media release signature
  • Financial Statement (usually annually): include “How your dollars help”, return on investment (Example: Every $1 donated provides $6 in medication)
  • Sponsors and board Members
  • Pharmacy contact information